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Frequently Asked Questions


This event is being held on October 24-26, at the Moody Gardens Convention Center, One Hope Blvd., Galveston.

No, you do not need to be a member of AIA or TxA to attend the conference, but we do hope you decide that an AIA membership is valuable to you. Members receive a wide range of benefits at the national, state, and local level, as well as considerable discounts on conference registration. Architecture students are also invited to attend the conference and become Student Members — free of charge. 

Yes. Guests, including spouses, family members, and friends must be registered to attend sessions and activities. You will be able to register any non-professional guest(s) after submitting your registration, for a fee of $50 per guest.

Attendees are prohibited from using Guest Registration to register professional associates or colleagues. No continuing education credit will be recorded for a guest registrant. The registration covers the three keynote sessions, continuing education sessions, and other activities that do not require additional fees. For a guest to attend tours and other paid events, tickets must be purchased through the registration system or on-site.

The recommended attire for conference events is business casual. The Gallery Soiree is formal attire.

Continuing Education

You will be issued a badge with a QR code. Outside each session room, you will find a small stand with a code reader. Before your session, as you walk in, you will need to hold your badge up against the reader to record your attendance. If the session requires a fee, and you have not paid that fee, your entrance will not be recorded. You can attend the session and still get credit later, only by going to the Registration Desk on-site and paying for that session.

A few weeks after the conference is over, TxA will send attendees a copy of their transcript with all of the classes they attended. If there is a class missing, you will be able to contact staff to have them correct your record. Please be sure to check your transcript as changes will only be made until January 15, 2020.


INTERN MEMBERS: If you’re an AIA Associate residing in Texas who graduated from a school of architecture within the past seven years, you can register as an Intern and attend the conference free of charge if you register by October 21. On-site, the Intern Member registration rate will be $50.

STUDENTS: If you’re a student at one of the eight accredited schools of architecture in Texas, you can attend the conference for free if you register by October 21. After October 21, student registration rate is $40. You can also sign up to become a member of the Texas Society of Architects at no cost.

HONORARY MEMBERS: Honorary members of AIA, TxA, or any of the local chapters may attend the conference for free. Students and Honorary Members are not eligible to receive continuing education credit for any sessions attended.

For select events, you do not have to purchase a registration. Visit our registration desk to purchase an event only ticket.

Yes! Our system allows you to get on a waitlist for that tour without being charged for it. If someone on that tour cancels, the first person on the waitlist will be contacted and asked if he or she would like to attend. If you are contacted about an open slot, and you are still interested in that tour, we will take your payment then. If you do not respond within 24 hours, we will move on to the next person on the waitlist.

Continuing education selections are asked for to help us determine what size room to arrange for each class — so please do check off what you’d like to attend. However, you are not obligated to attend all the sessions you’ve selected. If at the conference you find you would prefer to attend different CE sessions from those you pre-selected, that is fine. You will receive credit for the sessions you tap into. Please note that some sessions, tours, and events that offer LUHs have an additional cost associated with them. For those items, you must pay the additional fee to receive credit. Cancellations and refunds are available only through September 23. See our Refund Policy below.

Please follow the link in your confirmation email, or go to the “Register” page, and click the “Already Registered?” under the correct registration category.

On the registration payment page, select the box that says pay with check. Please mail all checks to the following address:

Texas Society of Architects
500 Chicon Street
Austin, TX 78702

Check must be received within 14 days of completed registration to retain selected optional event tickets and/or seats.I need a printed copy of my schedule.Please refer to your schedule in your confirmation email, or go to the “Register” page, and click the “Already Registered?” under the correct registration category.

Yes. Call 512-478-7386, or email us, and we will provide you a refund minus a 20% administration fee through September 23. After this time, there will be no refunds on tours or registration.

Thursday, October 24, at 7:30 a.m.

Check your spam folder. If you still cannot find it or think you may have deleted it, you can contact TxA via phone or email to request it be resent.

You may cancel your registration at any time. However, canceling does not always equal a refund. Our refund policy is indicated below.If you cancel your conference registration on or before SEPTEMBER 23, you will receive a refund of any fees paid, minus a 20% administrative fee. After September 23, registration, CE sessions, event tickets, and tour fees become non-refundable. All refunds must be processed by contacting the Texas Society of Architects office at 512 478 7386 or